Technical education essay quotes

We do not have adequate means to finance studies so technical education shares the financial burden of the parents. Technical education plays an important role in the economic and industrial development of a country.

Technical education essay quotes

To conclude , all the progress of a country depends upon its progress in the field of technical education. Technical education Solves the problem Of unemployment. It produces good and civilized citizens. There commodities things are produced that we use every day. People begin to have faith in the dignity of labor. Our youth hankers after office jobs. Those who get such education become technical experts or in other words, technicians. Health is wealth which we are losing. That is why our student has to face so many problems when he enters the practical world. As a result, the majority of them go astray.

It develops our economy. If technical institutes are opened everywhere in the country, they will accommodate the needs for such people.

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Technical education aims at providing us knowledge and training in various skills, which have a practical utility for us.

In Pakistan, more than eighty percent of the population is agricultural and another ten percent is industrial.

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We must take lessons from other countries which are powerful even though they are not rich in natural resources. The unemployment problem is growing keener and keener every day and unrest and discontent are daily gaining ground. They never think to do other work. Based on human needs education has as much as three types. To become self-sufficient in food we will have to set up industries that produce agricultural machines. It means that no one is complete without education. To conclude , all the progress of a country depends upon its progress in the field of technical education. We can save a lot of foreign exchange if we have our own technical experts.

The question arises who is responsible for this production of beggars and stealers. Start Of Essay Education is the most momentous element for human elevation, civilization and development.

So the importance of technical education is increasing day by day. We have to set up new industries manufacturing producing heavy machines like a car, and airplane engines.

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Hence for the sake of bringing good days to our country we should acquire more and more technical education. In this way, at the end of their educational career, they are able to find employment and earn their living easily and respectfully.

Through technical education, we can increase the material resources of our country.

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It is because all of them run after office work.

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