Marriage rate trend analysis

Bythe average had dropped to only 18 years. Hispanics are of any race.

divorce rate statistics

The report and charts were number-checked by Eileen Patten, research assistant, and copy-edited by Molly Rohal, communications coordinator. To 31 Decemberthere have been a total of 2, civil unions registered to New Zealand residents.

Never-married and previously married adults have different demographic profiles. For women, the opposite trend has occurred. About half the divorced people who remarry marry another divorced person. Coontz noted that people who are single tend to socialize outside their families more and likely develop relationship skills that help them in many ways, including with marriage.

Previously married adults show less interest in marriage than do never-married adults. Grusky, Bruce Western and Christopher Wimer. This is more informative than the crude marriage rate which the National Center for Health Statistics trackswhich is marriages as a fraction of the total population.

All estimates have been weighted to reflect the actual population. The dramatic rise in the share of never-married adults and the emerging gender gap are related to a variety of factors.

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Marriage Rate Declines and Marriage Age Rises