Lab five cell respiration

If the number of gas molecules and the temperature remain constant, then the pressure is inversely proportional to the volume. It worked great. V is the volume of the gas.

pea seed respiration lab quiz

My gut feeling is that I had too much nonabsorbent cotton between the peas and KOH so that the gas could not diffuse to the KOH fast enough. This law tells us several important things about gases.

Cellular respiration inquiry lab

The paper towels should be wet. There was a constant, gradual incline in the amount of oxygen consumed over precise passage of time. Remove the beads. Corrected Diff. It was classic perfect data—no KOH, no controls, nothing—and that is the trade off. The Krebs cycle is also a catabolic pathway that occurs in the mitochondrial matrix and completes glucose oxidation by breaking down a pyruvate derivative Acetyl-CoA into carbon dioxide. Data Logger Pro from Vernier has some really nice features, such as replaying the data in real time or 10 times faster or instantly.

Place a washer on each of the pipettes to be used as a weight. Cellular respiration is measure in three manners: the consumption of O2 how many moles of O2 are consumed in cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration lab report

The constant temperature in the water baths yielding stable readings, the unvarying volume of KOH from vial to vial leading to equal amounts of carbon dioxide consumption, identical equilibration periods for all the respirometers, precise time intervals between measurements, and glass beads acting as a control for barometric pressure all served as controls. They will be used for respirometer 1. We collect for 10 min or 10 mL, whichever comes first. Guilford, Connecticut. Ask the home economics teacher for some if you don't have any around the house; a little bit goes a long way. This activity uses a number of controls. Should I mix it fresh from year to year? I count out the needed number of peas for the students. Years ago, I discovered that by using a large test tube fitted with a 4 rubber stopper and a Kimble 2 mL disposable plastic pipette which fits very snuggly , there were never leaks! Record the volume of the 25 germinating peas.

This year I did the pea respiration lab three ways: 1 As prescribed in the AP manual and as I have done for years; I assigned one team to this. Repeat these steps to make the other five respirometers.

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AP Biology: Lab 5: Cell Respiration