How i will prepare for my

It can be helpful to compare the role requirements against your skills and experience. Come up with questions of your own to ask.

how to prepare for interview for freshers

Make a list of the skills, knowledge, and professional and personal qualities that are required by the employer and are critical for success in the job. Is there anyone else you recommend that I speak with?

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If it is a panel interview, ask a couple of friends to pretend to be a panel. If you arrive late and stressed, the interview will not go well. Practice greeting your interviewer: You should always greet your interview with a friendly smile and firm handshake.

Keep a phone number to call if you get stuck on the bus or in traffic. If you receive a business card, send an email or call to establish contact.

Check out our During the event Be considerate Don't stand out in anyone's memory for the wrong reasons.

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If you're successful you'll typically be invited to a face-to-face interview or assessment centre.

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How to Prepare for an Interview