Hardwork is the key to success

Even mere hard work is not enough, unless this hard work is done in a systematic and well-planned manner. The practical examples are our present-day political leaders.

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And yet by dint of hard work, he rose to be the greatest man of his time. How can you get to someone who will do whatever it takes? The achievements without hard work are impossible.

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In fact one must do great things without promising them. Sponsor This Essay I believe that hard work is the key to success. From Hard Work to Success And yes, if you desire success, no one is going to tell you when to wake up, go to bed, read this book or work on your business, only you can. Yes, some individuals have talent, but one should never sit on a sofa and expect a great result. Things take time in working out. Yet, you should know some of the struggles you will go through to achieve success. Let me start by asking you how much are you willing to sacrifice? Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. It takes strategic actions in the right direction to get there. Not poverty but the idealness is a great curse. You also need the self-discipline and the capacity to put your goals before your own needs, and that is hard for most people. Be persistent, dedicated and self-disciplined.

It's perfect for personal or classroom use! When you want to succeed, hard work is more important than talent as talent will only carry you so far. Do not let anything stop you from writing the rest of it.

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Success takes a lot of willpower to accomplish. Get Essay All parents want that their children should be successful in life and they spend do whatever they legitimately can to achieve the aim. This was an amazing accomplishment for me and taught me that if I work hard I will be rewarded. I know hard work is the key, but if you are hungry for success, you will make it. If we as individuals do not work hard to succeed, then we do not receive the same satisfaction as we would if we put in hour upon hour or even year upon year of work to achieve our goals. Every time Phelps competes his times drop and new world records are set. Many believe, particularly in the modern corrupt world, that unjust methods such as flattery, bribery, favoritism, egotism, etc. This is coming from someone who has studied physics, chemistry, biology for three years, slept just five hours each night, bagged a seat in a medical college just to tell herself that she could get it, and still chose to do graduation from a college in Delhi University because that would have given her happiness. But there are few successful individuals and each of them had put in enough productive work before they received anything in return. The very fact that you are able to find something that keeps you going today is enough. As a junior I was named a starter on my high school football team. At each step of life, things become more difficult. Chia Hard Work Beats Talent If you have the desire or idea to become a successful person, it is a great thing that you have decided to do. The action itself leads to more action. No doubt, success is the reward for hard work.

So, the hard work is very necessary and we should always work hard as hard work always pays off.

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