Guantanamo bay prison human rights obliterated

They are spaces where law and liberal proceduralism speak and operate in excess.

guantanamo bay detention camp

But he did not consider himself a member of Al Qaeda, or a facilitator of its operations. Time is running out fast for Obama and his administration to meet their human rights obligations on these issues.

Indeed, holding anyone for 14 years without charge or prospect of release represents an entirely new category in American jurisprudence, neither detention nor legitimate imprisonment. But the Germans saw no reason to detain or question him.

Several Mauritanians had travelled to battlefields in Afghanistan and Bosnia, and Mahfouz Walid had become an important figure in Al Qaeda; he now went by the nom de guerre Abu Hafs al-Mauritani. Since it opened, detainees have been held there.

Salahi was on a diet of Ensure nutrition shakes and antidepressants. It also bans building or modifying prison facilities in the United States to house any Guantanamo detainees, and adds more onerous restrictions on transferring detainees to other countries for resettlement, even after they have been cleared for transfer by all relevant national security agencies.

The men slept on his floor and left for Afghanistan at dawn. Finally, it would put an end to a sad, yet shameful chapter in U. Constitution, can draw on decades of precedent and have clear and time-tested procedures.

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Background on Guantanamo Bay Prison