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Processed mushrooms are packed in special quality polythene bags or canned. For more details on all aspects of the industry, read our Book Reviews. First, by growing indoors, the temperature, humidity and light can be controlled to give the mushrooms exactly what they need, when they need it.

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This project can be commenced anywhere in the country and this note considers Ibadan as the prospective location. Kanichi Mori, shiitake mushrooms lower serum cholesterol, have strong anti-tumor and anti-viral properties, very low fat, no starch, and more vitamin B12 than milk and fish.

Only about 10 species can be commercially mass grown because of the genetic difficulties in artificial growing.

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Where can gourmet mushrooms be sold? Mushrooms are a member of the fungi family, which includes yeasts used to make beer and wine, and molds used to make penicillin and flavor cheese. Because both oyster and shiitake mushrooms are proven sellers in the marketplace and consumers know and love them, new growers should stick to those two.

We have an electronic subscription option - at a reduced cost. They do not require arable land, special light, or large amounts of water. The temperature will need to be 65 to 70 degrees F. Because the crop cycle is short — six weeks to harvest is typical — growers can make a good and steady income in a small space.

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California's environment is excellent for mushroom cultivation California has excellent climatic and topographical conditions for growing mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms can be sold in the market. You can get your first issue immediately and we'll send you a link to an Adobe Reader PDF version of the newsletter each month via email. For East Asian farmers, mushroom production is an important part of their sustainable agriculture system. Two good reasons. They do not require arable land, special light, or large amounts of water. It takes around 12 to 15 days for the complete spawn running. The mushroom life cycle is not only shorter than many crops six to seven weeks for one shiitake crop , but the yield is very high. Oyster Mushrooms 3. When are mushrooms harvested? Matsutake and truffles are wild. Using an indoor bag system,most growers are producing 25 pounds per square foot of growing area every year. There are other exotic mushrooms that can be grown, often for medicinal use, but they require more skill to grow and knowledge of the markets to find buyers. California also offers social and market benefits as more people become health conscious and interested in the medicinal values of mushrooms and other fungi and herbs.
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