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First and foremost, this would be a heavy burden on the car drivers.

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In addition, this type of tax would likely be set at a fixed amount. But in case, they get stuck in traffic jams more than the usual time, they get late to reach where they need to head. Commuting on the roads of Delhi is becoming more time consuming and exhausting day by day.

In the new teaching spaces budget, boards are given a site works allowance for each roll growth classroom to pay for new car parks.

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In states such as Florida, traffic law and criminal law are separate, therefore, unless someone flees a scene of an accident, commits vehicular homicide or manslaughter, they are only guilty of a minor traffic offense. People dont have traffic sense.

The villages should be urbanized.

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Firstly, Bangladesh does not have a strict traffic control systems. To conclude, this solution is worth considering to improve the current situation, but there are advantages and disadvantages of introducing such a policy. Traffic management Creating a travel plan One of the most effective ways to ease traffic congestion at schools is to reduce the number of cars coming and going from your school. This would mean that they would begin to make use of public transport instead, thus reducing traffic problems and pollution as well. New car parks The need for new or upgraded car parks may be triggered by new teaching spaces for roll growth space. Moreover there is absence of adequate public transport, faulty signalling equipment and poor enforcement of traffic rules. It is basically the outburst by the frustrated drivers stuck in traffic jams. Whereas traffic congestion refers to the condition of transport network that occurs due to increasing use of roads often attributed with slow speed, longer trip time and increased queues of vehicles. The major reason of traffic jams is obviously more private cars and vehicles on the road.

Traffic jam leads to sheer waste of productive time. This results in a lot of unproductive time.

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Most importantly, proper traffic management system along with appropriate implementation of traffic rules is necessary to reduce the problem of traffic jam. Traffic jams are known to increase these mishaps. It is an issue of serious concern in every city these days. The adult population is increasing and therefore more people want their own personal transport to get around with. People are negatively affected due to traffic jams. As it is a non productive activity, it also effects our economic growth negatively. Rules of the road and driving etiquette are the general practices and procedures that road users are required to follow. This question is very clear, and it does not specifically ask you for an opinion. One of the first benefits of such a measure is that the heavy taxes would discourage car owners from using their cars because it would become very expensive to drive.

This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of such a measure. In the United Kingdom, the rules are set out in the Highway Code, which includes obligations but also advice on how to drive sensibly and safely.

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Cause & Effect Essay: Traffic Problems of a Big City