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Stages of Culture Shock - Different Approaches 2. You try to develop a more receptive, tolerant and objective point of view about your new cultural experience.

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This stage is characterized by the increasing understanding of why members of the host culture do what they do. It also includes demographic variables such as age, sex, socio-economic class, and education. If people stay in the host country for a period of time longer than a month or so, they enter the second stage of culture shock known as the conflict stage. Differences affecting the adaptation process The Culture Shock process described in section 2. The average length of foreign assignment in Japanese corporation is 4. Preparation of the assignment - Intercultural competence through intercultural training 3. Furthermore, the language barrier might increase the uneasiness one feels in the host country. What Is It? Various reasons can lead to culture shock. For example, some of the newly acquired customs are not in use in the old culture. Usually, people tend to enjoy new experiences: meeting new people, tasting local food and learning about different habits. Gibson, , p. Anthropologist Edward B. They include various ways in which people function on a daily basis, such as when to shake hands, how to approach people on the street, how to make appointments, who to ask for help, etc. Although it might be typically thought of as something that only happens when an individual travels to a new country, it can easily be experienced with a move or visit to a new region of a country.

The dual career problem - importance of spouse and family The family situation of the expatriate is of great importance for the success of the assignment. Outcomes of Culture Shock 2.

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The overseas returnees also increase at a fast rate. It is necessary to start the first two prior to the international assignment and thus it is recommended to notify the posting well in advance of the departure. This will help you feel less stress about language and useful at the same time. This motivation depends largely on the length of stay in the host culture. In addition to that other family members may also be grappling with readjustment difficulties. Mendenhall, Mark E. A very important aspect for this stage is that judgment is rather hesitant and irritations are suppressed in favor of concentrating on the nice things. Transition between the old methods and those of the new country is a difficult process and takes time to complete. Although the precise influence of expectations on the adjustment process has yet to be determined, a certain relationship can be observed. Allow yourself to feel sad about the things that you have left behind: your family, your friends, etc. New culture, history b. Sojourners' social networks have a strong influence as well. And finally, a brief discussion on what is the work ethic of the new region. Taking culture based language education will help to minimize culture shock. References Kingsley, Richard S.

The majority of practices or customs are different from what a person is used to. Not to mention the higher salary.

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Wagner, W. As the importance of language skills with regard to interpersonal communication with host nationals and the influence on the effects of Culture Shock were already mentioned in section 2.

While the expatriate is busy with getting acquainted to the new work environment and the nature of the job, the family feels isolated and suffers from the effects of Culture Shock even worse than the expatriate himself.

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Nevertheless, no wonders should be expected from preparatory training.

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