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He was also unable to enjoy his favourite hobby, orienteering, during the recovery period.

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Read more comments from our satisfied clients here Contact us — we are here to help you This case highlights that shoppers are at risk of sustaining serious injuries when supermarkets fail to keep their floors dry and safe for customers.

The existing cement underlayments were cracked and leaking and they lacked adequate sloping to facilitate proper drainage.

The consequences There was immediate pain in our client's lower back following his slip accident. However, the anti-slip treatment did not actually prevent the floor from becoming slippery when wet.

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Our witness also confirmed better methods at other sites, including the use of UHF radios which avoided the need for drivers to exit their cabs.

After the raising of an action at Elgin Sheriff Court, this claim settled on a full liability basis, though without any formal admission of liability. Whilst liability was denied by the Sydney City Council the claim was settled for a significant sum at a settlement conference without court proceedings having to be commenced.

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As MC stepped down from his cab, his ankle rolled in a pothole on the dirt road, causing him to suffer a serious ankle injury. These statements confirmed that warning signs had been only been put in place after the accident.

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How we can help We hope you have found this case study — about a successful claim for personal injury compensation following a slipping accident on retail premises — to be of interest. We regularly help injured customers to obtain personal injury compensation. At all times, liability was denied. The hallways was in fact shaped like an L, making it difficult for other tenants to see the signage even if it was placed in the vicinity. She has difficulty lifting and bending and problems with her neck and back. The case was settled on 14 September In this particular case, our client suffered a bad slip when he fell on the hallway in front of his apartment. The insurers claimed that the floor had been treated with a special anti-slip coating. She landed awkwardly on her left hand side of her body, and as a result felt immediate pain in her left shoulder, left arm, and buttocks. October 31,

The extreme conditions of the tropical climate significantly limited the installation time frame. Our enquiries showed that there had been a previous slipping accident at the supermarket.

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We regularly help injured customers to obtain personal injury compensation. Lightweight terrazzo was installed on the underlayment and an anti-slip coat was applied for skid resistance. When the client contacted the Orlow Firm, we first made sure the client got evidence that the building was in fact unable to provide space to see the signage in the first place. The insurers claimed that the floor had been treated with a special anti-slip coating. Case Study - SynDeck Water Resistance Structural Integrity Shower pans on board ships often sustain damage, which can produce leaks that cause degradation of the steel underneath the pan. The personal injury solicitor dealing with the claim, Donna Beckett, negotiated with the insurance company and obtained a much increased offer. Josie lives in a large house on an acreage and normally did all the household and gardening chores around the house. We help customers when supermarkets fail to ensure that their stores are safe. Once the process of epoxy floor coating and polishing is already done, the system will actually continually to improve the look of your business floor every time you clean and as you maintain it. To make sure our client did not have any more damages, we referred him to a doctor and checked if the building managers could provide insurance. Concrete underlayment and ceramic tiles failed, leaving cracked screed and broken tiles. This was because it required the use of his bike, and his injury left him unable to cycle. The store also failed to provide any warnings that the floor was wet.
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