An analysis of the process of filing an income tax return in springtime

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That post-assessment review process starts in the month of August.

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If you live in France, Germany, or the Netherlands, you must be at least That response should be in writing, attaching the receipts or other documentation if needed which the CRA has requested. For instance, filers in the state who didn't pay the alternative minimum tax last year but who paid high state and local taxes — and who didn't have children — might be more likely to pay more taxes year over year, said Rigney.

The final result of your tax assessment is stated in your tax decision 1 If you made no additions or corrections If you or your spouse did not make any corrections, the tax decision you received in spring as well as the tax certificate and any bank transfer forms for back taxes remain valid.

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Taxpayers should be aware that payment of taxes is never requested in this way, or by either of those methods. To date, inthe CRA has received and processed just under 28 million individual income tax returns.

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In that case the payment date of your tax refund or the due dates of your back taxes will probably be postponed. Of course, most taxpayers are not concerned so much with the kind or program or programs under which they are contacted as they are with why their return was singled out for review.

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