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Mr Biswas is offered a place in this cosmos, a subordinate place to be sure, but a place that is guaranteed and from which advancement is possible. What makes you cringe?

Biswas - the main protagonist of V. Pundit Jairam The pundit to whom Mr.

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Bhandat He is the brother of Ajodha who owns a wine shop. Though they have little in common and do not even really like each other, she stays with him out of duty.

In a letter he once wrote to his father, Naipaul explains that literature boils down to "writing from the belly rather than from the cheek. Jairam follows controversial interpretations of Hinduism and treats Mr Biswas with cruelty and indignation, eventually kicking him out after he steals bananas and accidently throws a soiled handkerchief on a holy tree.

Mohun then hides in fear of punishment. His father, believing his son to be in the water, drowns in an attempt to save him, thus in part fulfilling the pandit's prophecy.

Biswas grows quite fond of him. Biswas, a sign-painter and later a journalist, writes a love letter to Shama. He is always finding himself in situations that make him feelpowerless.

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A House for Mr Biswas